Five Ways to Take Advantage of Travel Now

1) Book early – Pricing for 2010 and 2011 cruises are available at 2009 pricing. If you book your 2010-2011 cruise now, you’ll pay 2009 pricing. The advantage of this is as prices rise over the next few years, your price is locked in at this years rates. Prices go up as availability goes down. You’ll also have the advantage of being able to pick your cabin location.

2) Group travel – If you’re a member of an organization or club, you can take advantage of group travel rates. Your local garden club can go for a tour of English gardens together, all while getting group rates for your air, hotel and tours. Golf clubs, quilting clubs, church groups, ballroom dancers…you get the idea.

3) Vacation packages: Take advantage of vacation packages combining flight, hotel and/or cars, which reduce vacation costs. As a bonus, free tickets to local destinations may sometimes be included. City passes offer a great value, and include local unlimited local transportation plus admission to famous sites in the city and discount coupons at restaurants and retailers.

4) Rewards Programs and Frequent Traveler Programs – Airlines, cruise lines, hotels, rental car companies, trains and credit card companies have rewards programs for repeat customers or users of their service. This is a great way to be rewarded for your loyalty. Reduced prices, reduced companion fares, onboard credit on cruises or free meals or meal vouchers are many of the incentives offered.

5) Off-season travel – Nearly all popular tourist spots experience travel highs and lows. When things slow down in the off-season, tour operators, hotels, airlines and cruise lines try to attract travelers by offering very attractive prices and deals. You get to experience less crowds, a more laid-back atmosphere, and get to know the area without the crowds.

As always, always utilize the services of an experienced travel consultant. Booking online may be fine for a flight to visit family in Florida, but a trip to Disney or a complicated European trip to 3 countries requires good, solid travel advice and planning.

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