Medical Travel – Venture Abroad to Find the Best Medical Care

Medical travel to India, Costa Rica, Thailand, and Mexico provides the perfect opportunity to combine travel for pleasure with receiving surgery and healthcare treatments at a half the cost one could find in the U.S. The American healthcare system has become a quagmire of uncertain rates, long waits for surgeries and other procedures, and an insurance headache for many insured people.

Instead of waiting indefinitely for a procedure of unknown cost in the U.S., Mexico medical travel enables one to enjoy the benefits and savings of healthcare abroad. Medical travel, also known as health travel, takes advantage of fixed pricing, which is often at a third to half the price of the same procedures and treatments offered in the U.S. Medical travel abroad also boasts state-of-the-art technology and highly trained doctors and healthcare staff, ensuring you will receive only the best healthcare.

Significant Savings

One distinct advantage of health travel is that patients know ahead of time exactly how much the procedure will cost. Another advantage to traveling abroad for surgery is that most countries abroad have arrangements in place for family members of patients to stay in nearby guest suites. There are recovery resorts available in many locations that allow you to recuperate from your procedure in comfort, as you would expect from any other type of vacation.

Because of the worldwide availability of lower cost care, travelers are turning to Costa Rica, Thailand, India and Mexico for surgery. Healthcare services in Costa Rica cost between 50 to 70 percent less than in the U.S. You can expect to spend one-tenth of the American cost for surgeries and treatments received in Thailand. Health travel is recognized by many countries as a national industry and is, therefore, protected with the highest caliber technology and the very best trained staff and doctors.

State Of The Art Care

A growing number of Americans are increasingly displeased with the lack of quality care at home. Procedures that can save lives or are more effective often get stuck in clinical trials for years in the U.S. As the American medical industry disallows many procedures, or has only recently begun to allow them, doctors abroad are actually more skilled than American doctors in many of these newer procedures.

Uninsured Americans are often unable to afford the cost of having life-saving procedures, but by going abroad; they can afford to have these surgeries. Most health travel organizers offer financing in installments for all types of procedures – which is not usually an option at all in the U.S. Other insured travelers turn to Mexico medical travel for cutting edge procedures such as weight loss surgery and cosmetic surgery that are considered elective procedures according to their U.S. insurance company.

The Benefits Of Medical Travel

Convenience and familiarity make Mexico health travel the best choice for Americans. Daily flights connect these neighbors on practically an hourly basis. Most doctors one would encounter in Mexico have been trained either in the U.S. or England and the majority of them speak English. Mexico’s hospitals offer the very best in healthcare technology in their world-class facilities, all at a significantly lower cost than one could find in the U.S.

Costa Rica, Thailand, India, and Mexico all have booming health tourism. Health travel is big business and it is an advantage for these countries to offer the very best healthcare at a fraction of the cost in America, thereby allowing travelers to spend less than they would in America and then receive a much needed and long over due vacation in places like Mexico at no extra charge.

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